Proof For Dragons [PI]

Proof For Dragons [PI]

Twenty eight years to prove my theories. Twenty eight years of arguments, of dissertations, of mockery. Twenty eight years to prove that, in contrast what the scientific community believed, Dragons were not inspired by dug up dinosaur bones or just human fears of big lizards, but were an actual species that had existed - and still did.

I tracked down sightings. I listened to recordings. I interviewed witnesses. Finally, I’d figured out where there might be a colony. Based on sightings across Europe, I determined the only place they could be hiding was on Mount Elbrus, high atop the Caucasus mountains.

The climb was brutal. Age had weakened my limbs as much as a sedentary academic lifestyle had, and my obsession had lead to poverty, meaning my diet was about as bad as it could be. Ramen had been my primary food since college.

Halfway up, I found a print. The first evidence of my theories, an actual footprint in the snow. Too large to be a bird, to recent to be some leftover from the age of the dinosaurs.

Encouraged, I pushed on.

The wind was brutal this high up. I could hear howling near the entrance to the cave, like the wailing of damned souls, but there were more tracks near the entrance. They were here. Finally, I’d prove them all wrong for mocking me. I’d prove that I was not crazy.

Then the sneezing started.

The sound alerted the inhabitants of the cave. One came slithering up. It was beautiful, as best as I could see it through watery eyes. Green and blue with a crest, a jaw like something out of the Jurassic Period, and majesting wings.

I started snapping pictures, heedless of the danger, but the sneezing was getting worse. My skin started to itch. Hives were spotting onto my skin.

The dragon hissed and crept closer. It was magnificent! It was gorgeous! The most deadly predator to ever walk the Earth, and it was putting me in anaphylaxis.

I knew then I was dead. I knew and I didn’t care, because I’d accomplished my life mission. I’d done it, I’d proven the truth.

And the world would know soon.

Because as I collapsed into the snow, my throat seizing up, the dragon took me in it’s jaws. It carried me back to its den, and I knew from the hungry chirps within that by the time I’d dead, they’d be feeding on me.

I went to the mountain to prove to humans that dragons exist.

I didn’t mean to prove to dragons that humans were delicious.

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